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Vaibhav Garg - Founder, Purecise
Vaibhav Garg
Founder, Purecise

I have been an athlete my entire life. From playing cricket at school, university & club level in England, to being active in track & field in my younger days, I enjoyed my time the most outdoors on the grass. It was the most enriching experience and I couldn’t think of anything else that would give me the same kind of joy. But there was always one obstacle-frequent injuries. This came as a result of lack of knowledge, lack of adequate nutrition, traditional food myths, an overall lack of guidance basically as to how an athlete can keep him/herself in optimum health or shape at a young age.

As it is in our country, the focus remains on academics, and it was no different for me. But, no kind of engineering physics or human anatomy or biochemistry in college could keep me off the field. I would spend hours and hours each day first practicing with the university cricket team and then enjoying my football and tennis games under lights with my friends.

Again on the personal front, I was witness to heartache as well that saw some really close members in the family suffer from the likes of heart disease and cancer. It had a major impact on me. There had to be answers to these common problems!

Having been inclined towards health and wellness my entire life, and the fact that I was being plagued by injuries and seeing so many people suffer from common lifestyle based issues, I took on the task of pursuing studies that would give me a better understanding of the human body in terms of nutrition, and today, I have managed to set up a career that has aided me in helping young athletes and professionals alike. If you ask me though, my personal achievement has been in assisting individuals with metabolic disorders. Having these people come back after months with improved blood reports and rejuvenated lives is the most satisfying feeling ever. My motto was simple- “Food IS Medicine!”

Through the right nutrition, lifestyle, & natural supplementation, people have become free of diabetes, heart disease, free of medication! Athletes are not only able to better manage their injuries, but get the best out of their food and natural supplementation, something I so dearly wish I had in my playing days. Some coaches used to tell me I could take up cricket as a profession, but that’s a story I will save for the grandkids now. I’ll help others realize their dream because I have found my true calling!

PURECISE is the brainchild of more than 5 years of experience in the domain of sports performance and metabolic disorder based nutrition. Be it the 250+ athletes who have seen their performance levels improve, their recovery times and inflammation reduced, to seeing 2000+ individuals have their cholesterol levels get better, joint pains disappearing, blood sugar levels normalizing after years on diabetes medication, we are proud to have helped all these people achieve their goals and it has been the most satisfying experience in my life thus far.

If you are reading this today, I welcome you to the family and encourage you to undertake this journey with me and the thousands of people who have trusted their food and nature to help attain their real goals. Embrace the real ‘Gift of Nature’!

Thank You,

Best Regards,

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Vaibhav Garg