Uses and Benefits of CoQ10: CoQ10 Supplements

uses and benefits of CoQ10


Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is quite an important vitamin-like substance that is required for the proper functioning of many organs in the body. It occurs naturally in the body and acts as an antioxidant which protects cells from free radicals and plays an important part in the metabolism. It helps provide energy to cells. People with certain diseases, such as Heart Diseases, Parkinson's disease, High BP, Skin Diseases, and HIV infection, are found to have lower levels of coenzyme Q10. So let's read to know more about the uses and benefits of CoQ10.

Uses of CoQ10:

Although CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 plays a vital role in the body, most healthy people have enough CoQ10 naturally in their bodies. However, increasing age and some other medical conditions are mostly associated and tested with low levels of CoQ10. 

CoQ10 is most often used to treat heart diseases and other lifestyle-related disorders to improve some symptoms and to also lessen future cardiac risks as well.

Benefits of CoQ10:

1. Serves as an Anti-Oxidant

Coq10 serves as an antioxidant and protects the cells from oxidative damage. Excessive numbers of free radicals in the body can lead to oxidative damage, which can interfere with regular cell functioning. Free Radicals are known to cause many health issues and conditions. And hence, CoQ10 is quite useful in Autoimmune disorders as well. 

2. Useful in Heart-Related Conditions

CoQ10 is a strong anti-oxidant and can treat inflammation of the veins and arteries in the heart. CoQ10 is helpful in treating Heart Failure as well. Heart failure is often a consequence of other Heart-Related conditions, like coronary artery diseases or high blood pressure. These conditions are often linked with increased oxidative damage or inflammation of the nerves and arteries. Treatment with CoQ10 supplements could assist with restoring an optimal level of energy production, and in reducing oxidative damage to improve overall heart function.

3. Makes your Skin Healthy and young

Skin is one of the largest organs in your body, and thus, is most often exposed to the damaging agents as well. Some internal damaging factors can include hormonal imbalances or cellular damage. External factors that damage the skin includes environmental agents, like Pollution Levels, etc. 

Taking CoQ10 in the form of supplements can reduce the damaging effects of these agents by increasing energy production in the skin cells. In fact, CoQ10 has been shown to reduce the oxidative damage caused by external factors as well, and thus promotes clear and younger skin.

4. Aids with improving Exercise Performance

Oxidative stress is one of the biggest reasons for injuries in gymmers and athletes. It can affect the overall muscle function, and thus, athletes and exercise performance. Similarly, an abnormal mitochondrial activity or function can reduce muscle energy, thus reducing activity level. Exercise performance is directly affected by oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction. CoQ10 helps in aiding exercise performance by decreasing the oxidative stress in the cells and improving the mitochondrial functions. It helps in lowering the oxidative damage, promotes exercise capacity, and decreases fatigue.

5. Helpful in Diabetes and other Lifestyle Disorders

Oxidative stress induces cell damage with free radicals. This can result in metabolic diseases like diabetes, or some other Autoimmune conditions as well. CoQ10 has been shown to improve insulin functions and sensitivity in regulating the blood sugar levels.

Taking supplements of CoQ10 increases the concentrations of it in the blood by up to three times in diabetes patients who typically show low levels of this compound in the blood. CoQ10 is also helpful in preventing diabetes by stimulating the breakdown of fats easily and reducing the accumulation of in the cells.

Oxidative stress can be extremely harmful to the body in the long run. Purecise Q10-Pure contains fermented CoQ10 supplements that assist in restoring an optimal level of energy production in the body and also reduces oxidative damage in the overall body.

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